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Equipment Leasing / Financing

  • Leasing equipment: Business owners have the opportunity to rent the equipment, rather than purchasing it upfront. 

    • There is also the option for the owner to choose to buy the equipment at the end of the agreement term (subjected by the lender).

  • Financing equipment: A loan is provided to a business for purchase of equipment that is essential to running the business. 

    • This equipment can range to furnishings, machinery, vehicles, software and so much more! ​

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S.B.A. (Small Business Administration) Loans

  • The SBA helps small businesses obtain needed credit by giving the government’s guaranty to loans made by commercial lenders. r term because the Government will cover it if the clfor whar reason defaultsnders.The lender makes the loan and SBA will repay up to 85% of any loss in case of d

  • The loan is made by the lender and the SBA will repay up to 85% of any loss, in case of default.

    • Meaning a lender will be more likely to approve a larger amount with longer terms because the Government will cover it, if the client for whatever reason defaults.

  • Some of the best rates available for business!

    •  Long term payments

    • 25 years for land or
      business acquisitions

    • 10 years for general SBA

    • 7 years for working capital

    • Access to large amounts of capital, up to 5 Million.

Merchant Cash Advance (M.C.A.)

A merchant cash advance (MCA) is an alternative form of a traditional business loan and is not a loan. 

It provides small business owners with a lump sum of cash in exchange for future credit and, or debit card sales. 

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Working Capital Loan

A unique business loan designed to help with short-term financial needs of the business.

  • Quick access to funds.

  • Provides necessary funds in order to cover day-to-day expenses, such as: payroll, rent, and debt.

  • Flexible, typically, unsecured loans with shorter repayment terms.

Real Estate

Another avenue that we have access to, due to our partnerships, is real estate! 

We can help with the following inquiries:

  • Single Family acquisitions​

  • Multi Family acquisitions

  • Complex tenants

  • Fix and Flips

  • Rental30

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Credit Services

  • Credit repair and strengthening

  • Inquiries removal - low cost

  • Reporting rent and utility payments to help your credit score!

  • Identity theft and Credit monitoring

Up to 95% Off Credit Card Processing Fees

Our Cash Discount Program allows merchants to greatly reduce or eliminate fees for accepting credit cards!

  • Share / charge the expense associated with the cardholder  

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