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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum credit score requirement?

When applying for financial services, each case is unique and can vary in it's own. As a result, it can be difficult to say what a minimum credit score should be.


So, we highly encourage owners to relay to us about their experience and we can advise from there. 

Can you help with refinancing a contract?

Yes, most definitely we can! And we will provide you with a better contract than what your currently, which will leave you with a lower monthly payment. 

I have poor credit, can you still help me?

As consultors, we assure you that we will advise you to the best of our capability. We will make sure to implement every avenue in order to help you receive some type of funding for your business endeavors and get started.

I haven't financed anything before, can you help start-ups?

We can definitely help start-up businesses! We have certain programs and incentives in order to motivate new businesses with their financial needs.

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