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We strive to help everyone we interact with, in any way we can! Helping you learn, share and network in order to grow your business and negotiations and kickstart productivity. 

Whether you're a start-up business or have experience within your industry, we can help you bloom and blossom. Truly nurturing our relationship, so that we can provide a genuine consultative experience for your growth!

Financial District

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Let's get straight to it!


* Most businesses rely on loans in order to really invest in growth, for both long term and present needs.

* Whether the need for sustainability, debt, renovations or improvements; loans are heavily relied on by businesses and the economy worldwide. 

* Financial services have had higher approval rates, in comparison to local and traditional banks, for years. 

* Here, at KickStart Consultation, we assure to ask every question and inquisition, as it pertains to you in order to help you in your goals. 

* With a network that is growing stronger every day, we will do our best in applying each avenue for your benefit.


Truly providing our best consultative experience, every time. 

Financial Assistance

We help our clients with the following financial services: 

  • SBA Loans

  • Working Capital Loan                                      

  • MCA Loans                                         

  • Equipment Leasing / Financing                    (Used / New equipment) 

  • Business / Personal Lines of Credit

  • Consumer Loan

Real Estate

Another avenue that we have access to, due to our partnerships, is real estate. 

We can help with the following inquiries:

  • Single Family acquisitions​

  • Multi Family acquisitions

  • Complex tenants

  • Fix and Flips

  • Rental30

Up to 95% off Credit Card Processing Fees

Our Cash Discount Program allows merchants to greatly reduce or eliminate fees for accepting credit cards.

  • Share / charge the expense associated with the cardholder  

Credit Monitoring

  • Credit reports and scores from all three Bureaus

  • Monitoring and alerts

  • Family protection

  • Dark web monitoring

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